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Art done for Aserra should be posted here.
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Project List

Post by J. M. Vincent » Fri Sep 28, 2012 7:16 pm

Here's a list of things that I both kind of need and that I would just like for the site...
  1. Nation Maps - Zoomed in and cut out of the main map, with some extra details added; marked roads, smaller rivers and creeks, towns, cities, forests, etc.
  2. New Header Image - I'd like to get a new piece of cover art instead of naked Zharis.
  3. Watermark for Gallery - A simple and unique watermark that will automatically be stamped on all images uploaded to our gallery.
  4. Cast Portraits - Focusing on character portraits for each plot so all characters involved in it are illustrated at least once.
    1. Dollmaster - Done
    2. Cursebreaking
    3. Atissran's Tower
    4. Garadaldi University
    5. Adventures
      1. Voyage to Ertia/Thervordel
      2. Beginning of It All
  5. God Concept Art - Detailed paintings of our gods.
  6. Race Concept Art - Basic concept art for the races; one male and one female example like this:
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