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Art done for Aserra should be posted here.
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adun-art on dA

Post by J. M. Vincent » Wed Sep 08, 2010 3:23 pm

As well as a gallery, we also have a group on deviantART as a way to gain more attention both from artists and potential players. If you are on deviantART, please join the group and submit any art you do for the world or characters! If you commission or request any artists for art of your characters, please submit them too (though it'll be up to the artist to decide, so you may want to note them to let them know why you want it in there). If you aren't on dA and are doing art for the RPG, you aren't required to make an account, but I would encourage it so we can have every piece available for reference in the group.

Membership & Submissions
  • Non-members cannot submit (since too many people kept trying to submit general fantasy art) and approval is needed to join. Members can invite the art of non-members.
  • Members can submit with approval, just in case one of those folks who is wanting to submit off-topic art gets through.
  • Contributors are artists who do a larger amount of art for the RPG and can submit freely. They are promoted by me as needed.
For now, or permanently, the club will remain adun-art. To make a new club I would have to upgrade to a subscriber since I already run three, but I'm not even sure if I should bother changing the name and just change the text instead.

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