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World of Aserra

Post by World of Aserra » Sat Mar 03, 2012 8:31 pm

Aserra has three satellites, the largest being the moon Nirya, which has dominion over the tides of Aserra’s oceans and is the basis for lunar calendars. Nirya is a large, white, pock-marked moon, much like our own. The two smaller moons, almost equals in size, have dominion over the sexes of Aserra.

Maredi, much smaller than Nirya, but slightly larger than his sister, Marebi, is made of dark, glass-like rock appears gray in the night sky and is marked by pale craters. He is assigned masculine traits, and at his fullest, has a pull on the males of Aserra. When Maredi waxes, men may feel slightly more aggressive than normal, either being quicker to fight or seek female company. Considering that Maredi waxes opposite of Marebi, during which time females often menstruate, many a child is conceived during Maredi’s full period.

Marebi, the smallest of the three moons (being just slightly smaller than Maredi), is rich in iron, giving it a rust color. Assigned female traits, at her fullest, Marebi pulls on the females of Aserra. Waxing at her fullest at the opposite end of the month from Maredi, it causes females to be more emotional, and menstruation in fertile females tends to coincide with Marebi’s rising.