Sulan Solar System

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World of Aserra
Sulan Solar System

Post by World of Aserra » Sat Mar 03, 2012 8:31 pm

Sulan Solar System
Aserra is a moderately sized planet in a single sun system known as Sulan. There are seven planets in the Sulan solar system; Verar, Nysen, Aserra, Seret, Enroth, Denbana, and Ler’gar, from the sun outward, respectively. The Sulan system closely mimics our Sol system with the first two planets being too hot and close to the sun to allow for life, with the Earth-like Aserra being the third, and potential life-supporting world of Seret being in the same position as Mars. Following Seret, much like Mars, are a series of gas giants—Enroth, Denbana, and Ler’gar.

Verar, the first planet in the system is a small, lifeless rock that darts around the star at a close orbit, much like our Mercury. At certain times of the year, it can be spotted crossing Aserra’s skies as a yellow star.

Nysen, the second planet, is in a similar position as our Venus. It is a bit larger than Verar, bit still much smaller than Aserra. Lacking a substantial atmosphere, it is rather similar to Verar in environment, if only slightly cooler. It appears as a yellow star across Aserra’s skies at certain times of the year.

Seret, the fourth planet, following Aserra at third, takes the same place as Mars, but does support life. Unfortunately, it is constantly pummeled by asteroids which has so far stunted the evolution of life on the planet. It appears as a pale green star in Aserra’s sky at certain times of the year. Beyond Seret is an asteroid belt, though it is this belt, the orbit of Seret, as well as Aserra’s three moons that protect the planet from many stellar threats.

Enroth is the fifth planet, and one of the three gas giants in the system. Around the same size as Saturn, and is yellow-orange in color. The sixth planet, Denbana, is larger than Enroth, and appears reddish-pink. Ler’gar, the seventh planet, is around the same size as Denbana and is blue.