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  4. There is a need to be reasonable with cultures, abilities, and the like that are created for Aserra. I don't want nations that are the epitome of perfection, or an entirely unreasonable set of abilities that causes them to be sensationally over powered compared to others of their race.
  5. I must give approval for anything major created by other players, so until I tell you that I'm ok with that, don't automatically assume that it'll be canon.
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Post by J. M. Vincent » Wed Feb 23, 2011 9:11 pm

Karma is something I discuss a lot when it comes to souls, but with no base information written, it will be some time before I can offer up my/Aserra's concept of Karma. Most people are familiar enough with the idea of Karma though, but just keep in mind that it's not so much meant to be "do good things and good things magically happen to you!" and "do bad things and completely random horrible things will happen to you!" It's more an idea of cause and effect and how the effects linger on the soul. It's more akin to the chaos theory or "butterfly effect", that everything is connected, but with a focus on balance of positive and negative influences rather than just the random chance of doing something completely neutral that leads to a cascade of other events. Feel free to ask questions, it might help me gather my thoughts.